As new parents, you’ve been surely very worried facing baby vomiting/baby throw up mucus problem. Don’t worry that much, it happens to every baby in the world since their digestive system is still immature. In this little article we’ll go deeper in this topic to see what is baby throw up mucus phenomenon causes and how to treat it at home and when you should take it serious. Read our full article on the “baby throw up mucus” topic here.


  1. Causes of Baby Throw Up Mucus

Image caption: Understand the baby vomiting phenomenon helps you to not having usefulness worries.

As mentioned above, baby can have baby vomiting issue quite regularly in their baby-life, it’s normal that happens since their digestive system is not working perfectly yet. A little thing may trigger baby throw up mucus. In general, we can list out cases as below:


Gassy tummy

Fast milk flow: Take your time and give your baby time to digest smoothly his milk.


Other illness infection: Fever can trigger baby vomiting issue.


  1. How to control baby throw up mucus?

As parent, you must be very calm facing this issue. The first thing when your baby is throwing up mucus is to avoid that can stuck his/her breathing, it’s primordial. Baby in laying-up position while vomiting is absolutely to be avoided.

  • Reduce amount of milk baby takes in each time
  • Control milk flow while feeding
  • Burp baby after feeding: very important, that helps baby digest better and throw away air while eating. You can ease him/her by handling the baby in standing position, and clap slightly on his/her back. The below video will more speaking:

More tips on baby breastfeeding on our forbabycare blog.

  1. When it would be serious ?

It happens many time per days. It’s normal that your baby could throw up a little bit of mucus after feeding time. However when it happens many times per day, it’s not a good sign. Your baby could get an allergy or more serious: a stomach damage.

It’s coming along with breathing issues on your baby.

Baby vomiting mucus with orange, green or bright yellow fluid or dark red one. That means your baby has a serious issue with his/her stomach. You should call your pediatrician as soon as possible.

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