Being new parent, it’s always stressful. Everyone tells you the newborn is super sensitive and you should be extra careful on looking after her. However, believe me, no matter how many of advices you can remember, no matter thousand of books/articles about baby care you’ve read, you will not know how to hold properly your baby at the first times. In this article we’re talking how to bathe a newborn, it’s even much more tricky!

However, don’t worry, everything will be on track with practices. You just should go slowly and don’t think too much. For how holding properly your baby, you just need to keep her neck/head and her back supported. The neck support is very important because newborn’s neck is still weak and can not hold the head yet.

On the other hand regarding “how to bathe a newborn”, the key point is the preparation. The preparation need to be perfect because once you start bathing your newborn, you will not be able to leave her alone, even for a second.

Initial Preparation

You need to decide what supplies needed for bathing your newborn and make it ready 100%. Item list you can base on:

  • A tub, baby lotion, baby soap, a mug for pouring water, two washcloths, and cotton balls for wiping residual water from your baby’s eyes and ears.
  • Bath toys for your baby
  • A soft fluffy towel, baby oil or lotion, a diaper, diaper ointment, and clean clothes.
  • Recommended: rubbing alcohol to clean the umbilical cord area. Read more in our full article on how to bathe your newborn.
  • Optional: baby powder.

Getting the Bath Ready

  • Get the baby bath tub FYI standard or full-sized tubs are too deep and big for bathing a newborn. If you don’t have baby tub, use your kitchen sink instead. In this case, do clean up your kitchen sink first in hot water.
  • Fill the tub with/sink with warm water. Check the water temperature by your backhand or by one of your arms. It’s more obvious than checking by hands since you’ve touched hot water by hands in above step.

Bathing a Newborn

Check out all steps to bathe a newborn on our baby blog.

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