A. The Appearance of a Newborn Baby’s Dry Skin

Your baby has dry skin on face, back, feet or arm ? It can be a very first sign of eczema in babies. Don’t panic, it can be simply a baby dry skin symptom. However if you don’t take care of it enough, it can become more serious and, in the worst case, it can develop into a mild form of eczema.

This little article is to help you to differentiate Eczema in babies and Dry skin in babies and how to take care properly of your newborn with dry skin.

B. Causes of Dry Skin in babies

Your newborn skin system is not yet fully developed, it’s still very thin and sensitive. That’s why environmental elements can easily impact on it:

  • Some babies can have more dry skin than the other however all of them are at high risk during winter time. 2 reasons: the cold outdoors and the artificial heat indoors.
  • In summer a baby can have dry skin as well if you put him/her in sun too long time
  • Environment change, weather change: temperature, humidity, chlorinated water in swimming pool, natural salt of the ocean…

You know now how is sensitive your baby skin.

C. Is Dry Skin a Symptom of Eczema?

Yes it can be if you let it develop for long time.

Most people don’t’ know the difference between Eczema and Dry skin in babies. In fact, they are very different:

  • Normal dry skin: is just dry and flaky, it’s normally very easy to treat.
  • Eczema: it’s hurtful, causing skin crack and bleed.

Check out our full article reporting on the technical difference between Eczema and Dry skin in babies with images and very detailed information + caring tips.

D. Some very simple but effective tips for baby healthy skin:

  • Don’t bath your baby more than you absolutely need to.
  • Hydrocortizone is another ingredient to look out for.
  • Dry your baby as soon as they’re out of the bath.
  • Keep a tub of petroleum jelly handy at all times.
  • Wrap your baby up nice and warm when it’s cold
  • Try to find baby products that contain oatmeal.

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